Background Policy

A safe environment for our players, coaches and parents is of utmost importance to the Scots Baseball Club, Inc.  Consequently, we have chosen to follow the standards set by many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today by maintaining a thorough background screening process.

Announcements: Teams are formed through open tryouts that are held in December/January for the Spring and August/September for the Fall.

All coaches, staff members, board members, other individuals participating in training camps, trips and other Club sponsored activities are required to have a criminal background screening completed. The following process will be followed by the Club in conducting criminal history/background checks.

  1. Introduction

A Safe environment for participants and members is important to the Club. Therefore, the Club will require criminal background searches for individuals involved with our programs. Consistent with our responsibility to undertake actions that are in the best interest of the participants in the sport of youth baseball, the Club will select an outside third party agency (Background Screening Vendor) to perform criminal background screenings on all coaches, staff members and board members.  The Club will certify to the Background Screening Vendor that (1) the applicant has been notified of the screening and has consented to the Club’s obtaining a background report; (2) the Club has complied with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); and (3) the Club does not discriminate against applicants or employees, or otherwise misuse information in violation of federal or state equal opportunity laws or regulations.

Criminal background screening is one step in the hiring of a new employee, and this is especially true for anyone who will be working with children and young adults. The Club will check references and prior employers and should be cautious in hiring and/or contracting with persons who do not provide a complete employment history including reasonable contact information for prior employers.

  1. Persons Subject To Background Screening

Background screening will be done on those who work on behalf of the Club with Club teams, including those who will be participating in competitions, training camps and other Club sponsored activities, coaches, Club Board of Directors members, staff members, or medical staff for Club baseball teams, and all current Club employees and future employees when commencing their employment.

All coaches shall have a criminal background screening completed as a condition for employment or contract with the Club.

Criminal Background screenings shall also be conducted for all Club Board Members and staff members upon their initial appointment, election, or hire.  In the event that such a screening results in a “red light” as described below, then such individual is automatically removed from the position to which they were appointed or elected and/or will not begin the position of employment or contract.

Persons subject to background screening must be screened at least once every two years.

Any coach currently under the age of 18 who desires to affiliate or participate with the Club or a team must be background screened upon reaching the age of 18 years. A 30-day grace period shall apply from the date of the 18th birthday to allow time for the background screening to be processed. During the 30-day grace period, the same restrictions will apply as for all non­screened individuals. Upon the conclusion of the 30-day grace period or until the completion of the background screening, whichever shall first occur, the individual may not participate in any youth-related activities or events until the background screening requirement is met.

  1. Scope of Background Check

Every individual required to submit to a background screening must complete, sign and date the Authorization and Disclosure form in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and a Criminal History/Background Liability Release. No participation will be allowed in restricted activities until a passed screening is received. All individuals screened for the Club shall undergo a criminal background check that includes:

  • Social Security Verification
  • Address Trace
  • Statewide or Countywide criminal record check
  • Sex Offender Registry

The Background Screening Vendor will search for Disqualifying Events (see below) and will issue the criminal background screening results to the applicant and the Club based on a “Red Light/Green Light” system. If the criminal background screening yields any Disqualifying Event, the Background Screening Vendor will issue a Red Light. If the background screening does not yield any of the above results, the Background Screening Vendor will issue a Green Light.  A “Green Light” (also described as “meets the criteria”) means the applicant is suitable for employment or participation with the Club with regard to the criminal background screening. A “Red Light” (also described as “does not meet the criteria”) means the applicant is not suitable for employment or participation with the Club with regard to the criminal background screening. The Club may withhold employment or participation based on the background screening to any applicant whose search yields a Red Light.

Note:  The criminal background screening will look for the following:

  • Any arrest for a Disqualifying Event offense with no disposition noted
  • An expunction, restoration of rights, or pardon relating to a Disqualifying Event offense
  • Any charge involving a minor resulting in a disposition favorable to the applicant
  • An arrest or conviction where it is not readily apparent if drugs or alcohol were involved

If the criminal background screening yields any of the above results, the Background Screening Vendor will further investigate the findings with the applicant and the appropriate authorities/courts prior to issuing a Red Light or Green Light finding. If this supplemental criminal background screening does not yield a Disqualifying Event, the third party agency will issue a Green Light.

  1. Consequence of Background Check

If an applicant (whether potential employee or contractor) has received a Red Light, then the Club will issue a Pre-Adverse Employment Action Disclosure in accordance with the FCRA including “A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.”  The applicant will then have the opportunity pursuant to the FCRA to contest the finding.  After taking any adverse action in reliance on the background report, the Club will inform the applicant or employee (in writing or by email):

  • That he or she was rejected because of information in the background report;
  • The name, address and phone number of the company providing the report;
  • That the company providing the report did not make the employment decision, and cannot give specific reasons for the decision; and
  • That he or she has a right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of the report, and to get an additional free report from the reporting company within 60 days.
  1. Record Keeping

The Club will maintain any background screening records, like any other personnel or employment records for the particular applicant or employee, for at least one year after either the date the record was made, or the action was taken (whichever comes later).  If the applicant or employee should bring a charge of discrimination, then the records must be maintained until the case is concluded.  After the latest of these record keeping dates, the background screening records may be destroyed securely.

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